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When it comes time to shop for a new car, whether it is a pre-owned vehicle or a brand-new one, there is a lot of excitement, which may carry us away a bit. Buying a car is a great experience. It is fun to test ride different cars and see which one feels right in your hands. We like to dive into the options and find the one car that has all the perks we want in our vehicle.

However, there is always the possibility that we could end up buying a lemon or a used car that was previously in an extremely bad accident and has had major repairs. These are not qualifications the vendor is likely to come out and directly tell you, and repairs might make the car look great on the surface while it is actually a hidden expense that will cost you a lot of your hard-earned dollars. There is a simple way to avoid all these frustrations.

There is a method on the Internet that can help you avoid making the wrong decision. All you need to do is use one of the multiple free VIN check services online. You can find out amazing details about a car’s history with a free VIN check, but first you need to learn the basics of such a service.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

A VIN code is a unique 17-digit alpha-numeric number assigned to every road vehicle, whether it’s a motorcycle, a car or a truck. The number can provide you with some basic details, such as in which country the vehicle was produced, when it was manufactured, and the original features of the car when it rolled out of the production plant.

More importantly, you can decipher the little secrets you are searching for, such as if there were any recalls on that specific model, whether the car has been declared unsalvageable, how many accidents it has been in and if there is still a manufacturer’s warranty on the vehicle. You can even tell how many owners the car had and if those owners were commercial, corporate or private citizens.

How to Find Your Car’s VIN

Figuring out a vehicle’s VIN is a fairly simple task. For cars and trucks, it is generally always in the same location. You can find it in the front left-hand corner of the driver’s side dashboard. In cars, you can spy it from outside the vehicle, near the bottom corner of the windshield on the driver’s side.

Do not try to memorize the long code.Instead,write the number down or take a quick snapshot with your phone to recall it later when you need to enter it on a website to retrieve the car’s history. If you can’t locate the code yourself, just ask the dealer or seller to provide it to you. If you have access to the car’s registration papers or a previous contract of sale, you can skim through the papers to find the number, which has to be indicated on these legal documents.

You Have the VIN. Now What?

Once you have a VIN, you can find a website that offers basic VIN reports for free, such as

Free vehicle VIN decoder

Free vehicle VIN decoder


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